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Covering and decorating solutions for concrete floors and facades.

The microcement system is performance cement-based mortar mixed with powdered calcium marble of different grit (high-strength polymer) additives, resins and pigments, that together gives physical, chemical and aesthetic magnificent. Applied over an existing concrete, giving it a completely new and shiny.
Although the applied layer is thin (2-3 mm thick), yet is extremely durable and can be used both inside and outside. Microtopping site (product used for the realization microcimentului) is applied by hand using a trowel.
Microcimentul pimp can be applied to nearly any existing concrete and can be colored, acid, cloudy, varnished etc.
When applied properly, makes a great outlet to existing concrete and can be used in high traffic areas .. It is a highly valued because the surface can be renewed quickly and inexpensively. Finally is very beautiful and durable, requiring minimal maintenance.
Very thin layer allows the renewal floors without having to shorten the door. Fast execution is the most significant steps that you already second day after completion of work.
Can be applied on stairs and in this case it’s better to be mounted metal edges (either embedded or external). Apply directly on the wood is not recommended because the base is not rigid enough and lead to cracking. First remove the wood and then apply microtopingul.

In some cases, testing is needed to restore moisture to the surface layers microciment make good outlet. If the surface is uneven, apply a leveling compound to get a perfectly smooth surface. Cover microciment then after drying well polished surface with a special machine. Finally all dust vacuum thoroughly and apply at least 2 coats? that will give in glossy or matte, as desired.

It is used to restore the interior or exterior of buildings and pavements hotels, casinos, restaurants, malls, swimming pools and in private homes.

– Resistant to wear, seamless, deformable and flexible
– Waterproof, breathable and totally waterproof
– Safe, providing a non-slip surface
– Hygienic and easy to clean