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Acid stain concrete

Acid stain concrete and Cloudy concrete
It is a mixture of metal salts and acid penetrates pores special concrete and a chemical reaction occurs which effectively improves the qualities, strength and color. Compared with ordinary concrete, the acid gets nuanced natural beauty and durability.
This system makes floors look especially beautiful and varied given the multitude of colors and finishes-  striped, translucent, cloudy, bright, rustic or antique. You can get color effects that resemble various types of marble or natural stone.

It is very easy to maintain, very durable and has a high abrasion resistance. Acids mainly used to print so well that it becomes part of the concrete and have a high resistance compared to any other method of staining.
The colors and shades are used as a natural palette creating a very special aesthetic effect in accordance with the latest creative trends. The result is unique and unrepeatable, and can satisfy the most creative and demanding projects.