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Industruial floors

Super finished concrete or is industrial floor is a high strength system (which contains metal fibers and polypropylene fibers) that once stretched and spread is treated with a coating composed of quartz and pigments.
Then the surface is worked with a car you elicopterizeaza and becomes very dense and hard.
Finally you can apply special treatments based resins and lacquers that give concrete which gives a glossy and impermeable to water and organic compounds and chemicals (oil, fuel, grease, etc.)

Where to apply
It is ideal for any type of traffic that require intense surface wear and prolonged heat stress, chemical and mechanical (vibration, transport and handling).

  •      Warehouses and industrial buildings of any kind;


  •      Any deposits and wholesale stores;
  •      Hotels, hospitals, silos;


  •      Supermarket parking lots, shopping malls;
  •     Exhibitions
  •      Underground garages


  •      Factories etc.

Industrial concrete benefits:
– Super-resistant traffic and wear;
– Execution fast at low cost;
– Different colors (depending on the customer);
– Easy maintenance time;
– Create flat surfaces and the same super strength in all directions.