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Polymer concrete

Do you have an old and damaged concrete slab and you want to look great?
We can recondition without remove it but just poured over a layer of special concrete is then colored prints, acid or polished as desired. After completion of the work area will look flawless and aesthetic effect will be spectacular.

Polymer concrete is also a decorative concrete used for reconditioning, leveling and consolidating any existing concrete surfaces either horizontal or vertical.
Polymer concrete is obtained by mixing a liquid polymer cement, elastic fibers, pigments, sand, resulting in well-defined proportions a mixture of butter consistency is applied in a layer thickness of 5-20mm any existing concrete surface.
Nothing prevents the texture, color and resistance to “dress” any architectural forms, all the result of creativity.
The economic advantages of this solution are evident in case of a new pavement on a concrete surface old, damaged, compared to the cost of replacing the surface with a new concrete slab.

Where to apply
Increased durability, and quality make the aesthetic scope of this technology to be very large:

  •     Horizontal: walkways, patios, sidewalks, edge pool, parking, terraces, ramps, garages, stairs with treads and risers, floors in restaurants, clubs, showrooms etc.


  •     Vertical can protect the finish and interior walls and exterior surfaces such as building facades, fences, sockets etc.

Advantages of polymer concrete
– Can be applied on any old or new concrete surface;
– It is done in a relatively short time and at low cost;
– It is highly resistant to water, heat and wear and have excellent adhesion;
– It can be used both inside and outside, horizontally or vertically;
– It is very easy to maintain and recondition by reapplying coatings.