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Washed stone

Washed stone is one of the most decorative, durable and spectacular paving products.

In achieving this type of pavement system is similar to that of imprinted concrete: pour a concrete slab that is incorporated and stone. Then apply a special product that prevents dry concrete surface. After a few hours remove excess concrete from the surface, leaving the stone model. You can apply a layer of 2-10 cm as needed.

And this type of pavement can opt for various sizes and shapes (round or broken) of natural gravel, and various combinations of colors and arrangement thereof (geometric games or other materials) to create architectural effects and different color.
Where to apply

  •      Private Properties: ramps, terraces, pool borders, patios, sidewalks, driveway car;


  •      Public places: alleys, parks, monasteries, parks, markets, administrative buildings, sidewalks, public gardens, streets and historical centers;

– It is the most durable outdoor paving system for climatic conditions in Romania;
– The aesthetic effect is spectacular given natural stone;
– It can be done in many colors and granulations.